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Highlands Ranch/Littleton

Gourmet Clubs


Yum, Yum!

The "Home Gourmet Group" is a great chance for moms to get together to share recipes and company. Each group, made up of 6-8 moms, meets once a month on either a Wednesday or Thursday night, the 3rd week of the month. The hostess plans the menu, each member brings a dish, and a wonderful meal is had by all. Meals usually include an appetizer, salad or soup, two main dishes, vegetable, bread, two desserts, and drinks. Each group meets for six months and we are now beginning to organize the next round of culinary aficionados for September through February.

The "Lazy Gourmet Group" is for members who want to eat great meals but not cook them. Instead of hosting meals in their homes, these gals will go out to eat and sample the wonderful restaurants in the Denver Metro area. The Lazy Gourmet Group currently meets on Wednesday and Thursday nights of the 3rd week and each group has 6-10 moms.

The "Budget Lazy Gourmet Group" is similar in concept to the Lazy Gourmet but these ladies visit the area's less expensive restaurants, focusing on $10.00 and under entrees. We are, after all, moms on a budget! The Budget Lazy Gourmet Group currently meets on Wednesday nights of the 3rd week and has up to 10 moms per group.

Brand New this fall, the "Couples Home Gourmet Group" will follow the traditional gourmet design and meet in each other’s homes with spouses! Each group is made up of 3 to 4 couples and takes turn hosting & designing the menu. What a wonderful way to get our men to mingle!

All you have to do to be in a group is e-mail the Gourmet Coordinator, or call her. Groups meeting from September to February will be assembled in August. To join a group, let Laura know what night you would like to participate. In addition, each group needs one person to oversee their activities. If you would like to be that cherished individual, please let Laura know!

This committee is a great way to make contact with a lot of members. Plus, the food is outstanding! Many moms say it's the best meal they eat all month.

The Gourmet Club is responsible for:

Assigning members to groups (by night of the week) and publishing the groups every six months via e-mail

Coordinating with designated point people to make sure all members are contacted

Assigning new members to groups as they join