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Highlands Ranch/Littleton

Yahoo E-Groups


The Highlands Ranch/Littleton, Colorado chapter of Mothers & More has three electronic mailing lists:
hrmothersandmore, hrmothersandmore-other and hrmothersandmorebussiness. These lists allow members to easily communicate with other members. To send or receive messages to these lists, you must be a member of Mothers & More and you must first subscribe to these lists.

. . .  Who? When? Where? What? How? Why?

All of our group messages are archived. 

When you know a message has gone out on a topic and can't find it, you can always search the archives.

  1. href="">

    (or Go to

    In the left column titled My Groups, click on hrmothersandmore)

  2. Scroll down to the blank box below the most recent
    messages.  Enter your search term(s)

    e.g. mentor list. FYI: Using just those terms would pull up anything
    with either mentor or list. Using quotes would pull up only those
    messages with "mentor list."

  3. Click the search archives button, next to the box.

All members who have an e-mail
address should subscribe to this e-mail list. The purpose of this list is
for the communication of chapter business including:




bulletChapter business, such as meeting announcements, updates to website
or roster, newsletter information

bulletMothers & More event updates or information, such as Book Club,
Chapter picnic, Wine Tasting, Fitness Club events, etc.

bulletEvent updates not necessarily affiliated with Mothers & More but
of interest to our members, such as free day at the zoo, garage sales
and community events of interest

bulletUpdates on members and their families, including birth announcements
and members in need of care or meals

bulletRequests for information or services, such as plumbers,
electricians, etc. (Please check the Members'
Choice/Referrals website
first to see if there are already “Members
Choice” listings for the service you are looking for.)

bulletSale of items by members/Wanted items

When selling items or requesting items, use the Subject line of your
email to make it clear what you are communicating so that people may
delete the emails that are not of interest to them.  For example,
“For Sale : Graco High Chair,” “Sold : Graco High Chair,” “Wanted
:  Girls 6x Cinderella costume,” “Wanted : Nanny 2x a week”
are all clear subject lines.
bulletCommunity Service Business

This includes chapter-sanctioned events such as blood drives, Douglas
County Women’s Crisis Center events and drives, Race for the Cure,
Dress for Success Drive, Kempe Center Drive.  You must go through
the Community Service chapter lead for all other community service
related events or drives.  This will allow us to streamline
emails and not overwhelm people with requests for items or services.

bulletJob postings/Member business information:  We have always
stated that part of supporting our chapter members is that we will
allow them to e-mail the group about their business and any ongoing
news items related to their business.  Examples are an email
telling the chapter about your new business, updating prices or
services offered, reminders about open houses or sales.  For
information about member businesses, click
bulletMeeting Minutes are also posted on the
bulletInformation that is of direct relevance to the networking and
support nature of our Mothers & More chapter, such as recall
notices, craft ideas, etc. 


The following are NOT allowed on the hrmothersandmore


bulletAnything political in nature
bulletAnything religious in nature
bulletUrban Legends
bulletControversial issues, such as whether or not to vaccinate your
child, articles on why formula is bad for your baby, etc.
bulletTouching Stories
bulletNews about possible scams or virus warnings unless verified

and approved by moderator.
bulletEmail petitions, regardless of the cause
bulletSolicitations for items sold by kids (including wrapping paper,
candy, Girl Scout cookies)

A few notes on this “not allowed” list:

bulletCreate and make use of a personal mailing list to send out things
that you want to be able to reach others with (petitions, political
articles, etc.)
bulletDon't scare people about scams that you haven't verified. 
bulletDon't perpetuate urban legends.  Check websites like:  href=""> or target="_blank" href="" eudora="autourl"> color="#0000ff"> to
bulletRemember, we ALL have kids and we can't inundate each other with
requests to purchase the many things they will sell through the
bulletMothers and More is not politically or religiously affiliated so
emails of this nature are inappropriate.
bulletIf you even have a hint that something is controversial,
don't send it out.  Use your personal email list or contact the
Mothers and More egroup moderator.

If you would like to participate in this list, please send an empty
message to

If you want to send a message to the online chapter members, the address
to use is:

To unsubscribe to, send an e-mail
message to

ptsize="10" size="5" color="#800000">-other

This e-mail list is for all other communication including:

bulletUrban legends
bulletTouching stories
bulletAnything else that is not chapter business related

Emails that are political or religious in nature should
not be sent out on this loop either. 

If you would like to participate in this list, please send an empty
message to

If you wish to use this second list to send a message to the online
members, the address is href="">

To unsubscribe to, send an e-mail
message to

In general, if you are unsure about whether or not something should be
sent out on the loop, contact the
egroup moderator
and she will help you determine whether or not it is

We don't want to get in a position where every email has to go through the
moderator, but as our chapter grows in size, we do have to be careful and
mindful of what we send out to 170 people. 

If you have any questions or comments regarding these guidelines, please href="">e-mail the chapter moderator.

E-mail questions on membership to  1. Please do not post anything that is not directly related to the nature of our chapter business. The "nature of our chapter business" is defined on the homepage at This loop is for chapter business to include: meeting minutes, event updates (to include events not necessarily affiliated with Mothers & More such as free day at the zoo), updates on members and their families, requests for information or services, job postings, and any other information that is of direct relevance to the networking and support nature of our Mothers & More chapter. Please use for all other messages. 2. Please do not forward anything at all to the loop without prior approval. A "forward" is a message that you did not write yourself and is forwarded from some other source. It is often urban legend or spam. 3. Please do not send anything religious or political in nature. 4. Please do not send jokes, humor, urban legends, warnings, touching stories, or anything of that nature. You can send non-religious and non-political e-mails of this nature to 5. Send your messages without photo attachments. You may include, "Photo available upon request." 6. Messages that fail to meet the guidelines will be deleted and the sender's future messages will require approval before they are posted. 7. If you are uncertain about the content of your message, feel free to just e-mail me and ask. Be mindful that there are over 150 women currently on the general loop. That is a fantastic resource. Please use your common sense to determine whether this group will want or need to read what you are sending. 8. Feel free to compile recommendations that you receive when you send out a request for a great photographer, carpet cleaner, etc. Delete the member names when you send results to the loop. Not everyone writes a recommendation as if it is for an "audience." They are writing it to you. 9. Avoid using the loop to petition or raise money for a cause, unless it is supported by Mothers & More or is a community service committee project (e.g., SIDS Lobster & Steak Sale; toy drive). 10. Have fun!

For questions or clarifications about E-Group's please contact Delana M.