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Highlands Ranch/Littleton

Care Committee

CARE Committee is all about taking care of each other during times of need, such as right after delivering a new
baby/adoption, and/or during illness or bed-rest. Typically we are looking for meal makers who make and deliver meals and coordinators who organize the list of meal makers and coordinate dates/times for meal delivery. Meal coordination usually entails a few well-timed e-mails and phone calls.

PLEASE do not feel that because you don't cook/like to cook that you can't be part of this group, take-out is okay. I only say this because some moms are hesitant not to ask for meals because they feel they can't return the favor and/or don't feel like they can be part of coordinator/meal maker group because the kitchen isn't their favorite room in the house. I can only speak for myself, but if someone else is
bringing me dinner, that is wonderful in itself.
Ann M.
CARE Committee Chair

1. Arrange a time to drop off meal. On the previous e-mail Ann specified when she would like to be called.

2. Prepare and entire meal.

3. Use disposable dishes.

4. Do not make meals that include broccoli or that are very spicy. Nursing mothers may not be able to eat these foods.

5. Prepare enough for leftovers or prepare a meal that can easily be frozen or reheated.

If you need ideas for good meals to make or have some suggestions for meals, please let me know. Also, if you do not cook you can get takeout.

Thanks so much for your support.

Ann M.
CARE Committee